Mission KPI 4.2

Adventist tertiary institutions increase the proportion of missiologists teaching mission, all of whom are faithful to biblical missional principles, Adventist educated, and endorsed by IBMTE.

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Spiritual Growth KPI 7.1

Bible classes teach the historical-grammatical method, historicist approach to the study of prophecies, confidence in the Bible as divine revelation, trust in God, and commitment to His mission.

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Spiritual Growth KPI 5.3

Significant increase in acceptance and practice of the church’s distinctive beliefs, especially: Creation (FB 6); Salvation by faith (FB 10); State of the dead and power of prayer over witchcraft and spiritualism (FB 26, FB 11); Remnant Church (FB 12–FB 14); Principles of healthful living (FB 22); The Sanctuary/Investigative Judgment (FB 24); Second Coming (FB

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